What do I wear to a job interview?

What do I wear to a job interview?

Congratulations on your upcoming interview at the company of your dreams! Your skills and experience have earned you this moment and now it matters what you wear to the interview.

Candidates are encouraged to bring their best, most authentic self to the job interview - and this is done in part through clothing. This applies to all candidates, whether they are marketing professionals, HR managers or software developers.

It is important to wear clothes that fit well and are dark in color for video interviews, as well as a shirt or blouse with a collar - of course, all of this should be more or less ironed. Wear the same thing to a video interview that you would to a personal interview, including pants and a thought-out top.

Do your research!

Some companies have different dress code requirements than others. You can get an idea of what the company you're applying to expects by looking at team photos on their website.

Think about your role in the organization. A job as a manager in IT at a consulting firm and a marketing position at a startup will most likely require two different types of interview clothing - one being more formal, and the other being more relaxed.

Interview outfits for women

Jackets and cardigans are a great way to add a touch of class to any outfit. They show that you've put some thought into your look without being too formal.

Combine, for example, a tailored and crisp white blouse with black or navy blue pants. Depending on the color of the pants, you can match your shoes to the pants or keep them minimal in one color.

For a more conservative company, wear something with a round neckline and a matching skirt or pantsuit. Pay attention to the fit of the suit, making sure it is not too tight or too loose.

Shoe and bag combinations: Pair the outfit with a simple bag with a handle on top. Minimal white sneakers and a leather backpack do just as well. More elegant? Flats with a chain strap bag. Boots? Pair them with an oversized soft pouch bag.

Interview outfits for men

It is appropriate to wear a black, grey, or dark blue suit with shoes that coordinate with the belt, or with the basic color of the suit - if the suit has a plaid or striped pattern. If you want to create a more casual atmosphere, you can wear a white button-down shirt or fitted t-shirt underneath the suit. In some workplaces it may be necessary to wear a tie, especially if the company is conservative.

If you don't have a suit handy, try pairing a tailored pant with a figure-hugging turtleneck or V-neck sweater, or khaki pants with a structured white tee and blazer. A dark denim pant with a white shirt and black or navy blue blazer creates a casual yet professional look.

Shoes and accessories: combine leather loafers with a matching leather ledger or minimal white sneakers. Chelsea boots with a low heel and a streamlined backpack also work.

Interview outfits for gender non-conforming candidates

It is best to keep everything monochromatic, well-fitting, and tailored. A navy blue or completely black outfit is very elegant. The idea behind this is to let the person speak and not necessarily the outfit. In a job interview, you should be able to focus on your strengths and if you fidget with your clothes, that is not the point.

Additional suggestions: Dark denim with a white slim-cut T-shirt or button-up shirt, topped with a cardigan or blazer. And if you're not in the mood for monochromatic tones, you can always choose a colorful bottom and keep the top minimal and tailored.

Choose the color wisely

A good rule of thumb is to go with a neutral color palette — but it really depends on personal style and corporate dress code. For example, red is a very powerful color. A well-chosen, colorful part color helps stand out in a group with something that is professional and unique.

High-contrast colors – black and white, navy and white – project authority, charisma and professionalism, while low-contrast combinations exude calm and serenity.

Be comfortable

Choose clothing that doesn't pinch, pull, rise in uncomfortable heights when sitting, or show sweat - cotton absorbs sweat better than silk or polyester. You want to avoid as much unnecessary fear as possible.

A suggestion is to put your outfit through a stress test before the interview. Move, go, stand and sit to ensure that you can do all this comfortably and without any issues.

It is an interview, not a model casting, and what is in your resume is more important than the shirt. Nevertheless, you will feel more comfortable and confident during the interview if your clothing is carefully considered and selected. This, together with your qualifications, will help you find and above all get your dream job.

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