Do programmers have to be passionate?

Do programmers have to be passionate?

IT professionals often discuss whether only a passionate programmer can really be a good programmer. Does that mean that only real IT enthusiasts are suitable for a developer position? In our article we will try to find the answer to this question.

Two types of programmers

Ben Collings-Sussman uses the 20/80 rule to classify programmers. Twenty percent are true code enthusiasts and always open to new technologies. They also spend their free time constantly reading news from the IT industry, do a lot of programming and may even have their own tech blog. These people include pioneers, leaders and trailblazers. *1

The remaining 80% are people who are good at their job but aren't interested in devoting every free moment to it. They do their job well, but don't want to continue their education in their free time.

Career prospects for non-enthusiasts

You must be aware that as a programmer you will always be confronted with new technologies, frameworks and methods due to the very dynamic development. Try to answer the question yourself if you are really willing to have to learn something new all your life, especially if programming is not your full passion. Full-blooded programmers are always up to date. They simply enjoy constant innovations. For this reason, it is not difficult for them to constantly acquire new skills.

"Something in between"

Remember that you should like what you do first and foremost. In order to be able to enjoy the IT job, however, it is not about dedicating every free minute to programming or the latest IT news, as is the case with the 20% type mentioned above.

Personally, we find that between "not at all interested" and "is passionate" is where the majority of coders find themselves. For this group, programming is an ordinary job that they just like without sacrificing every free moment. So if you like programming and the work is just a job to make money you belong to the vast majority.

Satisfaction with the devjob

If you are happy with your job, you are usually happier with your life. You spend a large part of your life at work. Satisfaction correlates strongly with one's own area of ​​responsibility. However, satisfaction depends on several factors, such as the relationship between colleagues, work organization and a satisfactory salary.



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